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Home Automation

Smarten up your home saving energy and money at the same time.

Integration of whole house audio visual, LED lighting control, security, climate control (air-conditioning and heating) CCTV cameras, messaging, Irrigation, Pool and Spa, weather and photos.

By integrating these systems in your home, they can be programmed to run automatically based on "events" and "scenarios" automating daily and vacation (holiday mode) functions.

Remove "wall clutter". You do not need multiple switches all lined up next to each other on a wall which looks untidy.
A single elegant touch screen, tablet or touchpad can perform all these functions and so much more.

Control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world with one touch access from multiple devices such as Apple or Android tablets & smart phones, remote controls, touchpads, touch screens, PC or MAC.

You can even control the system at home from the comfort of your couch using the on screen TV menu.

Our systems provide you with the latest technology and are simple to use! The interface is intuitive, smart and easy to use as it has the same look and feel no matter what device you use, even granny will love it!

High Definition (HD) Video Distribution

Enjoy high definition movies in every room from one centralised system. Watch your HDPVR , Apple TV , Blu-ray disc player or Media server in multiple rooms in crystal clear high definition. Stream movies, pictures, YouTube videos and more from your Apple or Android smart phone or tablet devices. Choose from a library of movies with cover art and synopsis information. Play different HD movie's in different rooms at the same time. The system can be controlled from your PC / MAC, Android phones or tablets, iPad, iPhone, touchscreen, remote control or off a simple menu on your TV screen. We have a wide range of HDMI HD distribution products to provide the solution required.

Smart Phone & Tablet Control

In today’s fast paced world where connectivity is key most savvy people now own one or more of these smart devices: Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy note & Android! Freedom of choice: Our home automation control systems are compatible with Apple iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. One thousand miles away, one touch from home.From these devices you can turn off the lights, set back the thermostats, check who’s at your gate, setup your music, even arm the security system. Whether you’re across the room or across the globe, our systems deliver peace of mind by giving you access to your home, right from the palm of your hand.


Security Security is a high priority in our country.
You can integrate CCTV cameras with DVR (Digital Video Recording) or NVR (Network Video Recording) functions into the system for 24 hour recording and playback of multiple cameras. While at home or from anywhere in the world, all this can be done from your PC / MAC, Android phones or tablets, iPad, iPhone, touchscreen, remote control or off a simple menu on your TV screen.